‚ÄčOn February 5th, 1840, Hiram Stevens Maxim was born. He was always an inventor. As a child he would constantly try to build items nobody had ever seen. Born in the small town, Sangerville, ME, Hiram became known as an eccentric inventor. In his life he would create items such as the mousetrap, hair-curling irons, steam engines, flying devices, lightbulbs, and, his most famous invention, the Maxim Machine Gun. The Maxim Gun was the first fully automatic machine gun and was key in WWI and WWII to help protect the soldiers who used it and the land they loved. Hiram moved to Britain when he was 41 and became a naturalized British Citizen in 1900. He became known as Sir Hiram Maxim to the world but he became a hero to a young man in the late 70's, his great-great nephew, Brett Forcier (co-owner and gunsmith at Big Daddyz Gunz). 

Growing up with summers spent in Maine, Brett would hear stories of Uncle Hiram. He learned the side of his Uncle the world might never have seen but was best portrayed in a book written by Hiram Percy Maxim, Sir Hiram's son, titled "A Genius In The Family". As the stories were told and the book details Uncle Hiram was an amazing genius with a sense of humor. One chapter details how Uncle Hiram would sit high in a building on a main street in London and when parades would pass, he invented a device that would allow him to throw beans at the paraders from the building on the other side of the street. Even though there were many stories about "beans dropping from the sky onto parades" Uncle Hiram was never caught.  

Throughout his life he inspired many inventors to perfect their inventions and to never give up. 4 years after he became 100% deaf from testing his firearms without hearing protection, his son, Hiram Percy Maxim invented the first silencer for firearms. He patented the design in 1908 and the original units would sell at roughly $4 USD...a far cry from hundreds of dollars the silencers on today's market bring in. But ultimately, the silencers today are very similar to their original design and they would bring much pride to the inventors behind them. 

Overall, family heritage is one of the most important aspects in many lives. The knowledge Brett has gained from his late uncle and cousin has inspired him to design, create, and perfect his passion in the firearms business. 

Our History is as Unique as the Items We Design